Warhol.SS Q+A

Warhol.SS burst onto the scene last summer and has been grinding ever since. Best known for his collaborative efforts with BrentRambo, 808mafia, and DJ Stain, Warhol has made a name for himself by growing his fan base tremendously, as well as rocking shows in Chicago, Minnesota, and Missouri. At only 18 years old, Warhol also graced a few stages at South by Southwest this year. Lyrical Lemonade writer Jake Millan and I caught up with Warhol SS for a quick Q+A session discussing his origins and his big plans going forward. We here at Lyrical Lemonade are proud to bring you Warhol SS first interview ever. Be sure to hit us with comments and don’t forget to check out Warhol SS’ latest BrentRambo produced track “Supaboof!” below.

LL Q&A: WarholSS


LL: So, what’s your name and where are you from?

WH: Man, look.. My name is Warhol,  3200 Warhol, Warhol SS, whatever you wanna call me. I’m from the Land, Chicago, over east.


LL: What’s the personal meaning behind the name?

WH: Growing up, I was a real big part of art. My grandfather paints, and my mother is a fashion designer. I used to draw, i still paint, i still draw. Basquiat is my favorite artist and i liked how Warhol handled him. I also liked that Warhol was never put in a box, he was branded in all types of aspects. So i model my career after dude.


LL: Would you say your family has a big impact on your creative side?

WH: …..Yes, on the painting side.. NO, hell no, on the music side…


LL: So, you’re originally from the Land, you’ve been to Atlanta and back. How’re you liking Chicago’s music scene?

WH: Hmm… It’s cool, but like… there’s no teamwork out here. If we worked more as team we’d be over the top. Cities like, Atlanta and Minneapolis are on the come up. Chicago has to do better.


LL: Where do you think you fit in the scene?

WH: I don’t fit, at all. I make nothing like the people that make music in Chicago. A lot of Chicago artists been following that 2010, 2011 template from when Chance did 10Day and Vic was still Kids These Days. You can’t copy someone’s sauce because then it’ll never be your own.


LL: Aside from music, is there anywhere you like to kick it or eat around town?

WH: Yea, yea. I be at Lil Jay crib off 13th. I be over east, that’s where I stay. I like Wicker, they have cool denim shops I shop at. Hyde Park in the summer time because I be smoking by the rocks.


LL: What’s your relationship with your DJ/manager, DJ Stain like?

WH: DJ Stain, my boy. We bump heads sometimes, but rarely. We working.


LL: He handled a few of your releases, how’d that come about?

WH: Man, look. Any of my music I make; sometimes its freestyling, sometimes I write, sometimes I’m just in the studio and someone wants me on a song. Regardless, I’m not a bourgeois artist or anything. But if your music is trash, I’ll tell you.


LL: Is there anyone you’re looking to work with or any exclusive features you’re sitting on?

WH: Uhh.. I’m sitting on features with Pollari, Smoke Purp, shout out to Uno, more stuff coming soon. I got hella stuff coming for sure.


LL: Dream feature?

WH: I want to work with Thugger so bad… but at the same time I want Pharrell to make the beat….  with Metro.


LL: How do you think SXSW helped you grow as an artist?

WH: It showed me organization and the rise and fall of an artist. I’ve seen a few artists rise, in a couple months, and get to South by and get no love because nobody knows them and they aren’t putting in enough work. People get too comfortable and think they’ll get treated like a famous. If you don’t work, your fans give you what you gave them, which is nothing.


LL: So, what’s next for Warhol?

WH: We finna get it bussin. Put it like that.