War With Whoever – [Taleban Dooda]

Although Florida is one of the most popular destinations in America, I feel like it could seriously be considered its own country for so many different reasons. There is not only this different vibe that is in the air there and just this unique culture that is obvious while you’re traveling in the southern state, but in terms of music, no artist from there can really be compared to any other emcees anywhere in the world.

For many Florida spitters, it’s the specific accent that you notice right off the bat, but there is so much more to the individuality of the scene down there that comes along with getting tapped in with the various artists who call the state home, and Taleban Dooda is one of the most exciting hitmakers to come out of the Sunshine State in quite some time.

In the rearview mirror of his recent banger “Spin” which has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams, over 1 million views, and critical acclaim from publications like RESPECT and Noisey, Dooda dropped his latest hit “War With Whoever” which turns out to be another unsurprisingly strong addition to his repertoire. The Sheffmade and Einer Bankz-produced record is certainly not one to miss out on thanks to Dooda’s slightly melodious deliveries that enter your brain and never seem to leave, and the music video definitely couples with the track’s title and message without any hesitation or doubts.

Directed by Counterpoint 2.0, Dooda comes out swinging, literally, getting into fights in between scenes where he hangs out and spits his bars with a whole group of homies surrounding him. Nothing is too flashy or over the top throughout this video, but it is certainly well-shot and as clean as can be, proving to be a wonderful addition to a song that I am already running back right now as I finish this article.