War Stories – [Meek Mill]

Few people have had as eventful of a career as Meek Mill, but the ups and downs he has experienced are nothing compared to the rough upbringing he often references throughout. His music. Whether dealing with legal issues, rap beefs, or other adversities, Meek has never been one to fold, and that is abundantly clear throughout his strong, powerful messages that are shared within his extensive discography. Just a couple of days ago, Meek decided to surprise fans with a brand-new song and music video pairing called “War Stories”, and while I’ve seen wilder visuals and heard more impressive songs, to be honest, I think that his message in this record is captivating, making it a song and video I didn’t want to pass up.

As far as the music video is concerned, Carters Vision directed this flick, taking Meek to what appears to be the streets of New York City. While the song begins, police sirens ring out loud outside of their car, adding a bit of chaos to the otherwise triumphant-sounding track. When it comes time for Meek to spit, he seems to pick his head up out of his plate at a dinner table inside of a restaurant, pausing his meal for a second in order to spit some bars.

While this seems to be the bulk of the visual, there are other transition shots that show different parts of the city as well as other rappers such as NYC’s very own Bobby Shmurda and fellow Philadelphian Lil Uzi Vert, which is a nice little treat to freshen up this video. Once again, this might not be the most Earth-shattering song or music video, but Meek is never one to bore his audience even slightly, so I have no qualms or complaints whatsoever. With that being said, check out “War Stories” for yourself and form your own opinion of the Philadelphia legend’s latest single.