WAR PIG – [Psychi]

With 4 EPs and twice as many singles to his name, Psychi has identified himself as one of the more compelling new artists right now without doing much besides letting the work speak for itself. He’s understated on social media, doesn’t overtly promote his music almost at all, puts out short, DIY music videos, and yet, is engaging a fervent audience of listeners more effectively than so many other artists out. There’s a purity to the art-first approach, which clicks when you’re making something as singular and exciting as Psychi is. Today, he hits the LL pages for the first time with a new video for “WAR PIG.”

Just over a minute in length, “WAR PIG” indulges in the elements that have most aptly characterized Psychi’s catalog thus far: short songs, textured sonic choices, poignant songwriting, and half-mumbled deliveries that soak themselves in the heaviness of the production, punctuated by the bite of the drums. It’s a spaced-out, color-outside-the-lines style of music, and builds strongly upon the foundation that Pyschi’s VALHALLA¬†EP set earlier this year, which featured some of his most popular (and some of my personal favorite) songs to date including 1/2 LIFE, HARDHED, and SHRETTR, among others. Meanwhile, the video further develops Psychi’s raw, darkened visual language — as always, simple but effective, pointing right back to the music.

Worthy of additional note, the description for the “WAR PIG” music video includes a cryptic “…..8/??/23…..”, hopefully hinting at more new music on the horizon next month. For now, peep the latest Psychi video below and get hip to a new artist marching entirely to the beat of his own drum.