Wanted – [Namasenda]

With the access to an unfounded amount of technology, past influence, and other facets that define the state of modern music being extremely apparent, the content within today’s age is taking on an equally unprecedented sound and style unlike anything seen before it. Artists have the ability to make their work sound as thematic, cinematic, and as simply vivid as they possibly can, which is contributing to some of the most sincere and boundless offerings in the pop world and beyond. 

That type of approach to this modern landscape is being championed time and time again by one of its most promising, proven, and prolific acts in Namasenda — who is taking the essence of thematic and resounding music to the highest level imaginable with her remarkably outstanding take on the worlds of pop, electronica, and beyond. 

The Swedish standout has proven her unmatched prowess in this lane on numerous occasions, but it is her latest offering “Wanted” that has all-but-cemented her place as one of the contemporary landscape’s most can’t-miss and unignorable talents all the same. The PC Music-assisted release – as if anything else could be the case – is one of the year’s most exceptional and simply phenomenal single moments in a year that has been chalked-full of exactly those from all angles of the music world.

The momentous single sees her yet again teaming up with her equally-outstanding partner on production in Himera; the two have already proven their chemistry together on numerous occasions in the recent past, but even they have topped themselves with this song in its entirety.

Himera’s enigmatic and all-encompassing production work provides the most ideal setting for Namasenda to embellish upon in her own right, as this telling hybrid between the worlds of trance and enhanced pop plays ever-so-beautifully into her wheelhouse as a performer on the mic. 

She takes this approach with all the grace in the world here, offering nothing short of a soaring, captivating, and all-around enthralling performance in the process. Constantly shifting through pitch after pitch as each passage of this song comes and goes, she owns the art of nuance structure here as the song never seems to repeat the same portion from a vocal and instrumental perspective alike. Yet even with that being said, Namasenda’s ability to create a multitude of infectious hooks throughout acts as the most impressive aspect of this overall masterpiece of a single. 

Songs like these are few and far between, but the effort that exudes from them when they are released does more than enough to push the sound of modern music forward at a far more rapid pace, while also cementing Namasenda’s place as the one who is truly at the forefront of it all.