Want Me Dead – [917 Rackz]

New York City has always been looked at as one of the most major hubs in the entire music scene, and even considering the genre actually was invented there, it’s always crazy to hear all of the different sounds that have come to life since its foundation. While it might have been difficult to pinpoint an exact name to call some of the styles of music that were being created on the East Coast, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that listeners could finally hear a song and put it into a category based on the beat alone.

Thanks to pioneers like the late Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay, and others, this new sound was classified as New York City drill, and the tempo was unlike anything I had heard before. After listening more and more, it was clear that they gained influence from some of the grime artists making hits across the pond, but they were including versatile sounds that helped separate themselves from these English counterparts. It goes without saying that I’m a massive fan of this style of music, so when I came across 917 Rackz randomly on YouTube, I knew I had to pay attention.

Although he’s still super young, he has been making waves and getting consistently impressive plays on his various releases, and these numbers have only continued to grow as he kept putting out new music. The song I came across was “Want Me Dead” a track that came equipped with a Goddy Goddy-directed music video that you have to tap in with. In the Yoz Beatz-produced instrumental, there is that familiar drill rhythm combined with a compelling vocal sample in the melody that almost seems to pay homage to the grime roots that this sound was adapted from.

When Rackz comes in, his aggression and insistence are abundantly obvious, but one of the most captivating parts of his skill set is his lyricism because he drops some incredibly creative bars that seem to steal the show, and that’s definitely the first thing that I noticed and continued to respect as the song went on. 917 Rackz might not be a new name to fans, but now that his record “Want Me Dead” is on my radar, you can bet your last dime that I’m going to keep up with him moving forward, and I highly suggest you do the same.