Walls – [Ryan Woods]

Beyond the act of storytelling through lyrics, music has the unique ability to actually paint pictures of the scenes that it describes using the sound that surrounds the words. Here to deliver a perfect example of this, an artist by the name of Ryan Woods is here with an incredible new single entitled “Walls.”

By splashing color onto the story at hand here, Woods’ latest is a striking example of the power of instrumentation in music, specifically when considering what exactly the sound adds to a given song. Sampling a police siren and pairing it with a dreamy set of guitar riffs and cathartic vocals, this release embodies the idea of creating an entirely new world through music. The rising talent’s songwriting skills are certainly impressive by themselves, but just as impactful are the sun-soaked chords here that push “Walls” to the next level.

That said, this is a wonderful release all the way through, so be sure to check out “Walls” below and let us know what you think in the comments!