Walk In – [Pouya] & [Lu]

Out of all the originators of a new wave of music that many might call SoundCloud rap, I have to say that Pouya was one of the very first trendsetters. While it seems like since he first began his music career, some other artists who were influenced by him have taken their own direction and almost created a negative stigma based around that term due to a lack of substance or creativity, Pouya has never given in and has consistently created some of the most diverse and incredible music in the entire rap genre, leading him to be one of my all-time favorite underground legends.

Most recently, the underground underdog teamed up with Lu, a rising artist who I honestly know nothing about and struggled to find information on him after searching on Google, but after this big moment in the spotlight, fans are going to start flocking in his direction immediately. “Walk In” is the name of the record they dropped, and it was produced by both Rocci and Maika Maile who utilized some thick snare drums, rattling percussion, and a smooth melody that sounds almost like they sampled “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast, putting their own spin on an already unbelievable hit.

As Pouya begins to spit, he attacks the beat with such ferociousness and determination that his words just pepper the instrumental in the most captivating fashion. He remains levelheaded and smooth with his energy, never getting too enthusiastic but still putting a lot of effort into his cadence, which ends up being something that fuels his flow. Considering I wasn’t familiar with Lu’s music prior to this, I had no idea what to expect so when he began singing the short chorus in a high-pitched, soothing tone, I was caught off guard in the most pleasant way possible. He continues these croons into the second verse, where his words just seem to float above the production angelically before he switches up. His delivery that leads us into one more short hook that ultimately brings the song to a close.

While I was drawn into this song by the legendary Pouya, I was shocked in the best possible way by Lu’s contributions, and I left this offering with an entirely new artist on my radar. He began his portions of the song singing in the purest possible form before completely changing things up as he began to rap which I also didn’t expect after hearing him sing, so his versatility and ability to keep me guessing had me enthralled throughout the entire duration. Don’t get me wrong, Pouya’s verse was as masterful as it gets, but that’s just expected at this point, so being introduced to Lu for the first time is truly a pleasure. “Walk In” hits your ears in all the right places making it a must-listen offering from Florida legend Pouya and up-and-comer Lu, so make sure that you tap in as soon as you can.