Walk Down – [Lil Gotit] ft. [CEO Trayle] [Lil Double 0] & [Biggz]

Lil Gotit has always been an artist who I felt like I was on a weekly streak of writing about something new that he released. It almost felt like he never found time to sleep because he was always working, but I’m not complaining even slightly considering he was one of the most entertaining names in the entire rap world. Of course, as a lot of other fans were, I was put onto him through his older brother Lil Keed and his affiliation with Young Thug and Gunna, but I quickly realized he was as individual as it gets, and he wasn’t just another Atlanta clone like so many other artists seem to be.

This past summer, he turned even more heads with his album Top Chef Gotit, but ever since that was released and he dropped a few music videos for it, it seemed like he went a little quiet, and I found myself hungry for more music from the ATL up-and-comer. Thankfully, that hunger was satisfied recently after he dropped a brand-new song entitled “Walk Down” featuring CEO Trayle, Lil Double 0, and Biggz as well as another dope music video that was directed by Shotbywolf and Nelshoitit.

This track also came with the announcement of yet another project that’s set to release in the near future called Big Zone 3, and that’s literally music to my ears. Hurtboyag produced this hit, utilizing some menacing synth progressions, piercing hats and claps, and a deep, intense drumline that is reminiscent of an older school sound that came from Atlanta when Gucci, Jeezy, and all of the other OGs from the southern capital were first making waves.

Every single verse in this song is unbelievably well-incorporated, and even with Gotit’s higher-pitched delivery, he seems to keep himself composed in this one while all of his other counterpart’s verses come together with ease, differentiating their skills while also seamlessly leading us from one part to another. Now that Lil Gotit is back from his small hiatus, it seems like he’s out for blood, and that’s more apparent than ever on “Walk Down”, making it a record you need to peep as soon as you possibly can.