“Wake Up” with a creative new offering from Harlem’s 27Delly.

Wake Up is the most recent release from Harlem’s 27Delly, who’s making sure everybody that overslept won’t click “snooze” any longer.

This is now my third time covering 27, and each time I’ve been more impressed with his work. A trailblazer, he continues to bend genres and deliveries to adhere to his unique skills, something that’s refreshing in an often saturated modern industry. Polished melodies and R&B-leaning tracks make up the 6-piece project, and each track on the album presents a new arena for 27Delly to play at the highest level. The project starts with an impressive OTP-produced smash entitled “Hit The Town.” The upbeat bass-heavy banger is a familiar sound for long-time 27Delly fans. Then shortly after, the project leads into Delly’s Billboard-approved track, “Gimmie That.” The Caribbean-themed record is an ode to Delly’s West Indian influences. Tracks like “High Road” and the TRAVI-assisted “Lambo On Fire” help keep the EP’s flow strong and make for a wholly well-rounded project. Click here or scroll to the bottom of the article to listen to Wake Up on Spotify.

After being introduced to his sound and loving what I’d heard, I wanted to learn more about 27Delly. He recently took the time to sit down and give the industry an idea of who Harlem’s newest hero is, and what went into the creation of this EP.

LL: Tell us what your mindset was in the studio when you switched up the style and made ‘Wake Up’ ?
27Delly: There’s a lot of pain, joy, love, disappointment packed into one life. My mindset going into this EP was to capture that raw emotion whatever it may have been at the time I was going through. I made some great records in that process like tears-worthy stuff. With capturing these different emotions I knew I was going to have to step it up in terms of delivery and couldn’t rely on what I’ve done so far but introduce these concepts , these emotions with sonic integrity. I took some big jumps and risks on these records that I feel ultimately payed off in the direction of the project.

LL: How did you get introduced to music and when did you start taking it seriously?
27Delly: I was born into music. My grandmother used to have me in the stroller side by side to traditional west African drummers. As soon as I could I was beating a tune on my own djembe. I started taking music seriously after I dropped out of school and got hired @ VFILES as a community ambassador w/ some other roles within expanding the music program. I saw the opportunity to create something bigger than me, but to really know what it means to empower a community. So instead of chasing tail feathers of large corps. I decide to chase my passion of music and business as an independent artist upstarting my own community and driving wealth and connections directly to my community.

LL: Who were some artists you grew up listening to and/or inspired you?
27Delly: I like to dance so if you had a jiggy beat you might got a listen or two. I listened to music in eras! In my early childhood there was a lot of Dipset, Ron Browz, 50 Cent, Fabolous flash forward into my suburban era we had all types of kats. All-American Rejects, Skrillex, Childish Gambino, New Boyz etc. etc… I was on the internet surfing no Kizzy. Then all of a sudden I got cool again moved back into the city and started listening to Mac Miller, Wiz, A$AP Mob, TDE, OVO and some local folks through the city in and out of soho all day. I’m inspired by all of em. Their eras are ingrained into my every fiber of my mind.

LL: How would you describe the music culture in NY, and how has it been for you to be a part of and experience?
27Delly: The music in culture in NY is like NY. Everybody tryna get on and show off as quick as possible. It’s regular tbh. I’m excited to bring the eyes to my city in a major way. Show all sides of the city build bridges that last lifetimes. So many aspects to this city the world has yet to see or understand it’s time though. Been time.

LL: What’s your favorite track you’ve been a part of?
27Delly: My favorite track I been apart of so far was Rent Free with my dawg KalanFrFr. We was at the TV show “Insecure” writing camp for their last and final season. Bro was vibin on a track I walked in on it and it was sounding tuff, so you know I had to jump in and throw my sauce with some lyrics and a verse. I ended up taking the song for myself cause I felt connected to the moment and the topic of the song. Everyone signed off on it and it really worked in my benefit because it’s one of my favorite releases to date.

LL: Who has been someone you’ve really enjoyed working with? Why?
27Delly: Someone I’ve enjoyed working with is my friend Orie. He’s a designer for one my favorite brands Fourward Progression AKA 4•Play. Outside of his dope designs he’s a crazy dancer. He helps me bring a lot of my visions to life. Definitely a captain in his own right leading the wave right alongside me.

LL: Would you say you emulated your style after anybody to any extent? If so, why did you gravitate toward that sound?
27Delly: I think my style is me. I don’t feel like I emulate anyone in the industry. What I’m doing hasn’t been done for my generation. Closest thing to someone like me out of my towns would of been Mase or Fab , but I’m on a whole other frequency. So nah I don’t feel like I’m gravitated towards anyone sound. I think a lot of artist are gravitated towards my sounds and people I like to “get inspiration”.

LL: What’s the most important aspect you’ve learned as your career has progressed?
27Delly: Most important aspect of my career is that I had to remember every step is important for the next. Patience and being consistent with always looking at your career from a 360 POV all aspects and doing my checks and balances to make sure everything is lined up and I have a working knowledge of what’s going on around me constantly.

LL: What makes you most excited about your future?
27Delly: I’m excited to continue to grow in my personal self, my relationship, the new music I create, the new bridges I can engineer into the industry/community. The opportunity for growth is abundant. While I’m here on Earth I want to be integral to that growth and development.

LL: If you could tell yourself something 10 years ago that you know now, what would it be?
27Delly: If I could tell myself @ 14 to do exactly how you do, just remember people have feelings too and not everyone will be a constant in your life no matter how hard you try to make them. Werd.

LL: When can listeners expect a long form album from you?
27Delly: Listeners can expect a long term album from 27 in the future for sure. An album like a book so can’t just throw some words on a page and say you’re an author. Want to make sure I’m delivering that product! Feel me! This EP’s and mixtapes like my short stories and background context to keep my listeners involved in the evolution of the message.


Stream Wake Up on Spotify below!