Waiting on the Sunrise – [felly.] Ft. [Matt Burton]

Almost a week ago, Connecticut rapper and producer felly released his latest single titled “Waiting on the Sunrise.” Being that I was literally introduced to felly just a few hours ago, I had a strong urge to write something up about his latest single. After hearing the very beginning of the song, I knew this would be a new artist that I would have to pay some attention to. This track is divided up into two parts, both relating to each other but also sounding as if they’re made by two completely different artists. Part one is the absolute epitome of a feel good song. I imagine myself at a bonfire on a beach or cruising next to a lake on my long board, absolutely bumping this song. It has a positive message and expresses the care free life that felly seems to live every day. The second half, however, completely switches things up. It’s almost like something takes over and completely flips the whole meaning and vibe of the song. It turns into a nightmare of sorts with different voices, more hardcore production, and a very macabre feel throughout the rest of the song. It discusses the struggles he is going through, and how he is handling those problems with alcohol and weed to free his mind. Overall, this track is super dope and truly showcases felly’s range as an artist and as a producer with the sort of ying and yang you discover by then end of the song. Just sit back, relax, and really take in felly’s latest song below.

words by Danny Adams

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