There has been a moment in time recently where I felt like something was missing in my personal world of music, but I just wasn’t quite sure what it was. I was listening to different artists, exploring some possible promising rising talents, and revisiting a ton of music that I can’t get enough of, but it just felt like there was this void that was looming, and I now realize why this was the case… it was because of SEBii! I think because there hasn’t been an influx of new music from the insanely creative musician this year, I was missing my daily dose of SEB, but this wasn’t totally obvious to me considering I still shuffle through his discography almost every day, so I wasn’t missing the artist himself, I was just missing new music from him.

Well, I couldn’t be happier now that the next installment of his VV mixtapes VVYELLOW is upon us, and after listening, I am even more excited about it. At the same time, this project comes with some sad news considering he announced that this is the end of an era due to the fact that his primary colors trilogy is complete, but I won’t get too down because I’m just grateful to have some new, spectacular music to run back time and time again.

With production from names like kimj, yoon, aywhat, and plenty more, there is an entire armada of producers who give their own flare to this project, and I think it not only brings out another side of SEBii, but it also proves that he doesn’t need to be someone he’s not in order to give us different, more diverse sounds. Throughout these 7 songs that last just over 16 minutes long, I feel like there is a brighter, bubblier SEBii, which is saying a lot because he is typically upbeat and blithe, but he totally embodies the lighter aesthetic of this tape in everything from the songs to the cover art.

At the same time, he does give himself opportunities to get slightly grittier and show that he’s never going to constantly do the same thing on every single song on a project, but rather dip into his complex repertoire of skills and show off some of his more slept on talents whenever he gets the chance. I’m sad that his trilogy comes to a close with the release of this tape, but I’m also beyond eager to see what the next chapter brings for such a bright-minded, innovative, and creative artist like SEBii, so until we see what he has up his sleeve, I’m going to be bumping VVYELLOW regularly from here on out.