The hyperpop scene never fails to surprise me in the best ways possible, and I never get bored for even a second no matter what artist I’m listening to. While Glaive, ericdoa, and midwxst are some of my favorites, SEBii has rapidly become one of my all-time hyperpop preferences, and it’s clear that even without all the wild vocal effects and alterations that can be heard within this subgenre, he’s as individualistic as it gets. After hearing VVBLUE a few months ago, I was completely sold without a doubt in my mind, and when I heard about and saw all the hype behind its sister project VVRED, I literally couldn’t wait.

Some of the snippets and singles on this tape showed a much more arrogant, aggressive side of the typically calmed and composed artist, but I loved seeing a new side of him, and now that the project is in our hands, I can confidently say that it was undeniably worth the wait. All of the 7 songs on this 16-minute-long project are better than the last, but I had to focus on a few of my favorites considering I could write all day if I went too much into detail on this project overall. Unsurprisingly, the production is as top-tier as it gets thanks to hitmakers like kimj, darkboy, vvspipes, kuru, zetra, and more, all of whom set SEBii up for total success with some of the most unbelievably remarkable instrumentals in the entire music industry.

Opening up with “told my mom one day”, the instrumental begins with a touching piano melody before animated synths begin to feed the beat energy which SEBii matches effortlessly, raising his enthusiasm as he assertively boasts bars full of dynamism and liveliness. A few songs later, we arrive at “INDUSTRii SHIT”, a song that starts out with an insane amount of power as elements in the instrumental bounce all over the place like a super ball in an empty room. Despite the lighthearted, cheery style of instrumental, SEBii incorporates some unforgettable grit into his delivery, providing some ruthless, hard-nosed lyrics that juxtapose the instrumental unbelievably well.

Finally, he rounds things out with “DONOrr”, the long-awaited follow-up to his hit song “BONErr”, and after patiently anticipating this record, it couldn’t have turned out any better. The snippets for this record were always entertaining but hearing the record in its entirety brings things to an entirely new level, making it a track I’m going to be listening to on repeat for the foreseeable future. Although I’ve only had time to listen to this tape once, I am beyond excited at the way it turned out.

To be honest, I don’t often listen to projects all the way through more than once, but this is one I’m going to have on repeat for quite some time moving forward and I can’t wait to listen deeper and discover even more complexities and amusing moments with every additional listen. SEBii is a star without a doubt in my mind, and VVRED just further proves my point, so make sure you check it out as soon as you get the chance because you’re certainly not going to regret it!