VS Idea – [Rockie Fresh]

I wasn’t always into Rap music growing up. I was raised around rock songs and radio hits, but when I got into middle school and high school, Rap became a major part of my life. Although I started listening to the major mainstream songs at the time, my friend group helped expand my horizons and introduced me to different artists and subgenres that would go on to shape my preferences and the music I enjoy today. I know, a lot of you probably don’t care too much about my personal backstory as a music listener, but I had to preface this because Rockie Fresh was one of the artists who my friends put me onto. He ended up expanding my minuscule knowledge of Rap music in ways I could never even imagine and opened my eyes to the incredible wonderland that is Chicago Hip-Hop. Electric Highway was sort of the soundtrack to some of my high school years and for that, I’ll forever be grateful. Although there are many other artists with different sounds and styles that helped shape my penchants as well, Rockie Fresh played a pivotal role in the music I enjoy today.

Although I haven’t quite kept up with him in recent years as much as I would like, I love seeing when he releases new music because it’s a walk down memory lane and he always impresses me with just how far he’s come. “VS Idea” is his latest song, and it’s just as wonderful as ever. The production is made up of a drowned out, jazzy melody, rattling percussion, and impactful drums which let Rockie go off on his meaningful tangent. His voice is powerful and smooth, as always, as he delivers a harmonious hook with a touch of autotune that just accents his words so flawlessly. As he continues on, he shows more emotion in his voice, using echoing ad-libs in the background to add layers to this simplistic yet eloquent offering.

Rockie just has a calm, cool, and collected demeanor within this single as he seems unphased by the uncontrollable things in his life and just keeps the blessings he has been given in the front of his mind at all times. I’m not going to lie, he doesn’t really try and get fancy with his flows or anything of that nature, but that’s really not the point of this song. Fans know just how talented he is, so he wanted to continue on with an easygoing record that people can just vibe to and not get overwhelmed by rapid bars or off the wall sounds. Everything from the beat to his style to his lyrics is soothing as he talks about how he’s been making hits for years by putting his heart and soul into his music, helping out his friends when they need it, and just celebrating the life he is able to live because of the tirelessly long hours and hard work he has consistently contributed to his music career.

While Rockie Fresh might not be the biggest name in Rap music now or ever, he has touched the hearts of countless fans and those admirers appreciate him so much more than a lot of mainstream artists’ fans appreciate them. Knowing that he’s been on his grind for over a decade is noteworthy and admirable, so seeing him release a song of this nature that pretty much celebrates his accomplishments and shows just how comfortably he’s living is very touching, to say the least. I’m not sure what’s up next for the Chicago legend, but he’s living a good life and that’s really the most important thing at the end of the day. Take a break from all your stress and anxieties and just relax for a couple of moments while you listen to Rockie Fresh’s new song “VS Ideas”.