Voyager – [Richie Quake]

Emerging Brooklyn based artist Richie Quake returns with the highly anticipated release of his new six-track EP entitled Voyager. Conceptually the record grasps the quality of fearlessly navigating ‘the unknown,’ while simultaneously seeking signs of wisdom. With Quake as ‘the voyager,’ it is he who undergoes the journey while making connections with each song’s unique message. Sonically Richie blends the genres/sub-genres of lo-fi indie, alt-pop and psych-rock for a purely nostalgic and captivating listening experience. As much as I’d love six more tracks, the EP’s brevity adds to the breathtaking elements that each song provides to mirror the ephemeral, yet beautiful nature of life. While my personal favorite is “Never See You,” the collective strength of each individual record is wonderfully balanced. Moreover, the transitions are timed perfectly for an atmospheric wander deep into the abyss of Richie’s livelihood. This enables the listener to truly process each and every lyric sung, while simultaneously enjoying the eclectic and versatile instrumentation throughout the entire project. Overall, in my opinion Voyager is a flawless offering with plenty of depth, relatability, emotion and replay value. Have a listen below!