voodoo queen – [STEFAN THEV]

STEFAN THEV’s appearance on our radar was nothing short of spectacular. He made an unforgettable impression with his R&B-leaning debut single, “ON THE EDGE WITH U” and to no surprise, his follow-up packs that very same unforgettable punch repackaged in an ethereal body that feels delivered from another realm.

The Massachusetts-based artist’s new single, “voodoo queen,” takes heavy breathes in the form of poignant drum instrumentation and STEFAN THEV’s ghostly tone as he opens the song with a striking, “aren’t you afraid of God?” Cutting through the senses and setting an eerie tone, “voodoo queen” progresses with life-embodying sounds of distant shrill screams, funky piano melodies, and a whining guitar solo that acts as the theoretical cherry on top of this eerie sundae. STEFAN THEV’s love-hypnotized ballad paints a vivid picture of a vixen-like love interest he knows is bad news, but is unable to pull himself away. Bouncing back and forth between his supernatural new single and his down-tempo debut, it’s very evident that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to STEFAN THEV’s musical abilities and the various paths in which he can steer his voice and sound.

Stream STEFAN THEV’s new single here and watch the music video for “voodoo queen” below.