Voodoo Down – [Jhon Myquale]

Chicago music is in a beautiful place right now. The seemingly limitless number of incredible artists coming out of the city always seems to be increasing, and today, we would like to introduce yet another dope talent from the Windy City by the name of Jhon Myquale to our pages. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with new visuals for his song “Voodoo Down”, Myquale first crossed my eyes when a snippet from the video landed on my Twitter timeline. I was immediately brought in by the cinematography, but once I heard the music that came with such crisp visuals, I simply had to follow the link and learn what Jhon Myquale is all about. Thank goodness, I did so because the hypnotically smooth sound of “Voodoo Down” along with its illustrative lyrics makes for an incredible release from the first second to the last.

Directed by Myquale and Araki, the visual companion for this one curates a seamless aesthetic to complement the music perfectly, pointing itself towards a color-conscious approach as each new scene latches onto the colors being displayed with unrivaled chemistry. Aside from this, the Chicago artist’s voice is a great fit for the brisk instrumentation and electronic touch, lightly placing itself on top of the beat in a way that meshes the different elements to become one, complex yet simplistic masterpiece. With that being said, be sure to show some love and get hip to Jhon Myquale by watching the video for “Voodoo Down” below.