Voices – [12AM] ft. [TheHxliday]

I know I say it a lot, but I seriously can’t get enough of finding out about new artists, and all the various ways this is made possible is astounding, to say the least. When it comes to one of my favorite ways, it’s through other artists I already enjoy, because I know if they mess with a talent enough to collaborate with them on a song, I know they’re someone worth paying attention to. Additionally, it’s nice knowing that I’ll at least enjoy the parts of that song that the artist who drew me in contributes to even if the other artist might not be my favorite, so there are honestly plusses all over the place.

That’s not the case for 12AM’s song “Voices” featuring TheHxliday, though, because even though TheHxliday is the artist who drew me into this offering, 12AM pleasantly surprised me with just how incredible his contributions were as well. Although I wasn’t familiar with him very much prior to this release, I feel like I got a pretty solid grasp of what he brings to the table and he’s definitely not a musician that you’re going to want to take lightly.

In the instrumental, there are some energetic yet somewhat dark guitar licks that are joined by thumping drums and crispy percussion, giving 12AM a wonderful base to build off of. When he does sing, his notes are clean and smooth, naturally rolling off of his tongue while allowing the pain and passion behind his message to shine through, all without boasting too many depressive qualities. In fact, it seems like he pretty much uses this song as a makeshift diary, getting his thoughts out into the world without dragging anyone else down with him which isn’t always easy to do for other singers.

When TheHxliday comes in for the second verse, his demeanor is very similar to his counterparts, but there is this hint of grit within his lyrics that provides the perfect differentiation, making it obvious why 12AM decided to recruit him for this track. “Voices” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all day, and while I want to dive deeper into 12AM’s discography moving forward, this is an awesome place to start if you are also trying to familiarize yourself with the promising up-and-comer. With that being said, make sure you check out this unbelievable song on his EP After Midnight as well as the intriguing Logan Meis-directed music video as soon as you get the chance.