Voice Mail – [Shordie Shordie]

Rising Baltimore emcee Shordie Shordie’s star is shining brighter than ever. Today he’s back with his visuals for his infectious single “Voice Mail.” Shordie Shordie has a unique voice and sound which at first I was completely thrown off by if I’m being completely honest. However, something kept having me come back to play his viral single “Bitchuary” which in my opinion will be one of the biggest songs by the end of the year if it keeps growing like it is now. Shordie sounds like if we mixed 03 Greedo and Chance the rapper into one as far as his flow goes. An odd combination I know but trust me it’s working out really well for him, as he’s inked a deal with Warner Brothers recently as well. When you dive deeper into his catalog you see how he just has a knack for making music that gets you out of your seat and keeps you moving. He’s far from a dance or meme rapper though, because if you listen closely and study his lyrics Shordie’s wordplay and the way he structures his verses are proficient as well too.

Watch the video for Shordie Shordie’s single “Voice Mail.