VMA’s – [Zombie Juice] ft. [Smoke DZA]

I know the New York City music scene has been flourishing for decades and decades, but there is a portion of the hip-hop history in the city that reminisces with me more than ever, and that moment in time came a few years ago when the Flatbush Zombies were considered to be in the top tier of music. While I never thought they fell off whatsoever, it seemed like the drill scene began to grow and the psychedelic hip-hop style began to take a turn into the underground, but it was still as great as ever.

When I found out that Juice from the Zombies was taking his career in a new direction and trying to thrive on his own, I was beyond excited and the couple of singles he has released since this announcement have been nothing short of incredible. Most recently, he decided to team up with Smoke DZA for their song “VMA’s”, and the results are as magnificent as you’d expect. In the instrumental constructed by Erick the Architect, Linden Jay, and Josh Taffel, we hear soothing, relaxed synths, slowed down percussion, and pungent drums that just ride out, making a perfect foundation for a weed smoking anthem that will have your mind at ease no matter how stressed you might’ve felt prior.

When Juice comes in, he sticks with this familiar vibe, sending serene bars into your ears and letting you just jam out to this relaxed track. After an even more soothing hook, DZA comes in with some assertive and consistent bars, quickening the pace of the record effortlessly as his lyrics just roll off of his tongue with ease. Alongside this awesome track comes a Whipalo-directed music video that’s equally appealing, making this a one-two punch you need in your life as you head into the weekend.