Vixen – [TLE Cinco]

Birmingham is becoming an increasingly relevant rap stronghold, led presently by the likes of TLE Cinco and Luh Soldier after an initial boost provided by the YBN movement over the past few years, and after first blowing up for his confrontational and braggadocious lyrics coupled with cosmic and thumping production TLE Cinco has slowly made himself a household name in the south. He is steadily growing a bigger and bigger audience in his city and the region beyond and the success of his local hits like “Check Dis” and “Scratch That” are beginning to impress themselves on the greater rap community. His new visual for his track “Vixen” is a prime example of his ability and charisma that have endeared him so intimately to his city and the entire state of Alabama for that matter. “Vixen” was shot by Krispy Kam and the song is set over a beat bolstered by an upbeat piano melody with traditional trap percussion and Cinco approaches the instrumental with his standard poise and unique flows and Southern drawl. TLE Cinco continually matches his own personal talent and unmistakable confidence with a gifted creative team and a terrifically versatile group of producers and the end product is consistently solid. I cannot wait to watch him eventually fully take over Birmingham and transition into the mainstream consciousness.