Vivid – [Rich Brian] ft. [$NOT]

After first thinking Rich Brian was nothing more than a meme rapper (but a talented one at that), I have watched him turn a career built on individuality into one of the most captivating and multifaceted tenures in the entire music business. I mean, his story is already fascinating with the fact that he moved to America alone at only 17 years old from his home in Indonesia, learning English online. Determined to make an impact on this world, Brian has become a mainstay in the hip-hop world, collaborating with world-renowned icons like 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, Offset, and more as well as putting on performances at legendary venues and festivals all around the globe.

While I admittedly don’t listen to him on my own very often, he is someone that I never overlook or underestimate, either, so when I realized that he teamed up with $NOT on his brand-new self-produced single “Vivid”, I wasn’t going to miss out. Over a uniquely soothing instrumental that changes up at the perfect time to add some energy to the track, Brian shows off both his rapping and singing abilities without breaking a sweat, and when $NOT comes in for his verse, he follows suit by displaying his distinctive vitality, charisma, and charm.

In the Grant Spanier-directed music video, we witness a cross between a casual night at the driving range and The Matrix in a combination that caused me to remain glued to my computer screen. As Brian takes some shots into the range, a man dressed in business attire notices him, pulling out a briefcase with a remote control that he used to steer a small RC car. Don’t blink, though, because soon enough, he also pulls out a gun, turning the scene into a shooting range while taking aim at Brian who is driving around in a golf cart.

To be honest, I am a little unsure of what the correlation or outcome of these events ended up being, but I truly did love the clean-cut shots, use of lime green futuristic effects, and imaginative take on this storyline. Maybe I am just missing something, but either way, your curiosity will be piqued and your hunger for more wonderful music will be satisfied, so make sure you don’t miss out on Rich Brian and $NOT’s brand-new video single “Vivid”.