Vision of Love – [Reek] x [Sage] feat. [Big Beautiful Williams] and [Levicantsing]

One of the most exciting collaborative efforts in Hip Hop at the moment is bubbling in the most unlikely of places – San Antonio, Texas. The talents of Reek & Sage, a collaborative duo from the Alamo city and no strangers to the site, have added a new visual to their arsenal. Their latest work, a storied video accompaniment to their song, “Vision of Love,” is a testament to the pair’s ability to excel both on record and on-screen.

The producer-rapper tandem grabbed the attention of their growing fanbase through a playful ruse around a fake wedding. The staged ceremony, that surrounded the prolific emcee, simultaneously acted as their lush video’s backdrop. With the timeline in complete chaos from the perceived impromptu ceremony Reek and Sage built a profound amount of buzz around their new visual that in every way conveyed the duos preset aesthetic and continued level of quality. The blissed-out feeling of the record comes to life in the new visual with complete ease and what can only be described as wholesome images of love’s lifelong bond. Reek and Sage may be prolific in their ability as a group, each bringing out the best in one another, but their skill in translating and building a world around their music speaks to a higher level of artistic operation.

Watch the new video for “Visions of Love” by Reek & Sage below.