Virginia’s Why Not Duce Sends A Message In New, “Sending Emojis”, Music Video

Speaking from the perspective of a Virginia-native who champions his home state, it’s nearly impossible to imagine music today being anywhere close to what it is without the influence of some of Virginia’s greatest artists. And while that sentiment has certainly held true over the past 25 years, I have a strong inkling that will continue to be the case moving forward and today’s guest is a prime example of why I say this. In comes Waverly, VA native, Why Not Duce, who I’ve seen some extraordinary creative growth from as of late. Signed to Pusha T’s Heir Wave Music Group, the melodic rapper might hone into a different style of hip-hop than his legendary peer, but his own unique sonic pocket is exactly what’s going to be what separates him from others coming out of the blossoming scene. 

Lucky for us Virginian’s, we’re kicking this week off on a high note as we celebrate a glorious victory over the Tar Heels, while flipping the channel over to Youtube where we’ll find something even better – Why Not Duce’s new “Sending Emojis” music video. Easily my favorite record from Why Not Duce to date, “Sending Emojis”, tastefully exemplifies all that we’ve come to know and love about Why Not Duce’s music. Flowing over the beat with a level of confidence that only the best do, Why Not Duce takes advantage of the bouncy production and swerves in and around its various pockets with catchy melodies and poignant lyricism. Calling on featured artist, Big Will, and producer, Lock, as key collaborators in the making of this masterpiece, the three creatives came together and made a record that I envision will continue to grow immensely over the coming months.

In addition to the release of the song back in July, Why Not Duce tapped in with director/editor, OG.Film, and DP, Sergio Lorenzana, to handcraft yet another convincing visual display of his talents in the song’s official music video. A captivating two and half minutes that was just unveiled 10 days ago, the video is full of everything from playing dice and shopping, to attempting to save a life on an ambulance. Leaving us with little to no doubt after this video that he has a very promising future ahead, it’s more than clear that Why Not Duce is on his way up and the links below are proof of that: