Vino Valentino – [Vic Mensa]

Vic Mensa is a talent who used to mean so much to Chicago, and I only say used to because over the years, he has transcended local legend status and risen through the ranks to mean so much to the entire country, not just Chicago alone anymore. There was a time maybe a decade or so ago when the SAVEMONEY crew seemed like they had taken over the world and did so together as a cohesive unit, and even though these talented members have somewhat gone in separate directions to pursue individual successes, they still have the same fire within them that was so inspiring to see however many years ago.

Vic was one of the emcees at the forefront of this movement, and although he has gone on to pursue various other ventures, I think that he had the world in the palm of his hands thanks to his prevalent nature when it comes to social justice, and it’s because of him that so many more people have a passion for correcting the dysfunction that can be seen on a daily basis in this country. While this narrative took the forefront of so many of his recent efforts, especially in 2021, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to see him totally switch things up and show off another side of himself that is often overshadowed on his latest EP Vino Valentino.

This project may only feature 4 concise records that span just about 11 and a half minutes long, but they do an impeccable job of showing off his more tuneful, melodic, and romantic side just in time for Valentine’s Day, even though I know I’m a few days late. Whether you listened to this EP on Valentine’s Day, were a few days late like me, or haven’t had a chance to listen quite yet, there is no better time than the present to finally tap in with one of Vic Mensa’s most passionate projects yet.