Viisi – “Hate U”

Genre-defying artist viisi takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with his latest single, “hate u.” This track is all about emerging from heartbreak with a newfound sense of confidence, and viisi delivers it with a witty edge, mischievous notes of sarcasm, and a unique blend of musical influences.

“Hate u” is more than just a breakup song; it’s a sonic journey that leaves you craving more. The emerging artist effortlessly builds tension throughout the track, alternating between sharp energetic rushes and dark melodic slow burns. His vocals refuse to be confined to a single genre, with saccharine pop tendencies in the chorus and an infectious hip-hop flow in his verses.

Featuring windswept riffs, high-soaring electronics, and a powerful vocal display at its core, “hate u” lays everything on the table. Viisi himself describes it as his breakup anthem, a song filled with resentment towards a past relationship. However, it’s not just about dwelling on the negative; viisi comes out on top with newfound confidence and an unapologetic attitude.

Viisi has a history of collaborating with artists like Chelsea Collins and Kayla DiVenere, and “hate u” is another testament to his ability to push boundaries and defy musical conventions. His artistry goes beyond genres, and his “Liiminal” series explores the depths of human experiences, from family struggles to self-worth, in a way that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Take some time to check out “hate u” below.