Victory – [Vic Mensa]

For those of you who are somehow not familiar with everything that Vic Mensa does, you should honestly look into all of the different lanes he has a hand in. Whether he is making music, acting, spreading awareness of social injustices, or a mixture of it all, he is spreading himself thin enough in order to make an impact in every single industry he’s a part of. While his career now might look drastically different from what we might’ve imagined it would be about a decade ago, he has made such a splash in so many different facets of life that I can’t help but applaud him.

After releasing his latest project The I Tape not too long ago, Vic decided to continue his hot streak with the release of his latest video “Victory”, and the concept behind it was definitely very intriguing. Directed by The Times, there is a message that starts out the video by saying how 5 exclusive I Tapes were hidden all throughout Chicago and whoever found these tapes and won the scavenger hunt was going to be picked up by Vic himself. Not only is this concept intriguing and other rappers should take notes, but I’m also sure the fans that were scooped up had the time of their lives.

Eventually, the black and white visual shows Vic picking up the winners in his Lamborghini truck before cruising around the city and hitting some staples throughout Chicago. As this happens, a plethora of motorcyclists whip around doing tricks in the middle of the streets, and although it’s not something I’d encourage an amateur to do, they seemed professional enough to pull these off. Aside from this, though, things were kept pretty simplistic in order to let the song shine through, and that’s something I respect without a doubt.

After watching this video in its entirety, I was definitely a big fan. Not only of the song, which is amazing in and of itself, but the video was also very clean and aesthetically pleasing. I do honestly wish there was some footage of the fans completing the scavenger hunt in order to earn this trip with Vic, but that probably would have required some fan-generated content of their own which might have cluttered up the video much more than it needed to. With that being said, I definitely have zero complaints about Vic Mensa’s latest music video for his song “Victory”, so I highly suggest you check it out as soon as you can, and then go on and continue to run up the numbers on The I Tape as well.