Vice City – [Young Nudy]

There is an intangible list of artists I pay attention to that every time they drop something new, I have to listen up and talk about it. Atlanta’s very own Young Nudy is one of these talents, and when I saw that he teamed up with super-producer Metro Boomin to drop a brand-new song entitled “Vice City”, I had no option but to tune in. Metro switches things up slightly from his normal more Trap-influenced production by including some mystical synths that are sprinkled throughout while more common percussion and booming (no pun intended) drums take over the scene.

Nudy begins to share a straightforward, non-musical message at the beginning, sharing the fact that he’s from a city where crimes are committed on the daily, whether that means robberies or anything else, promptly brushing off the fact that you’re either prepared or not, but you better be ready for whatever might come your way. He then gets right into his bars, spitting a few words at a time before pausing briefly to come right in on time to finish each line in a playful yet menacing fashion.

While his enthusiasm switches up constantly, he still somehow remains even-keeled while going in-depth about some specific moments throughout his life where people might’ve partaken in some illegal activities, yet he was never going to be the one to tell on them, because that goes against the code of honor he has talked about time and time again. He constantly rotates through a variety of different cadences that would make any other artist feel inadequate, gliding throughout this record fluently and effortlessly. All in all, the title of this record perfectly encompasses Young Nudy’s life because even though Grand Theft Auto is a video game full of drugs, money, violence, and sex, that’s basically how Nudy grew up, so he can relate to the game on a level that’s much deeper than most of the other players.

There’s also a ra3-animated music video that accompanies this record, taking us into a virtual world that is very similar to the one that you’d see in the video game I previously mentioned. As the scene is set, murder scenes are shown with dead bodies being covered by sheets as the police continue on with their investigations. Nudy and Metro are shown in a completely dark scene, illuminating their presence under spotlights. As Nudy raps and vibes along to the music, Metro can be seen behind a drum pad or a piano, bringing the beat to life even in this animated world that has been created. While the story continues to unfold, Nudy sits in a courtroom as his homie snitches on him, pointing fingers at the rapper to save his own reputation. Other than this, some of his friends are shown locked up in jail while he cruises around the streets in his all-red Dodge Challenger, sometimes getting out to partake in some crimes including many of the topics he mentions throughout the track.

At the end of the day, Nudy proves time and time again that he’s one of the best rappers in the entire Atlanta music scene. Metro is fresh off of the insanely successful Savage Mode II with 21 Savage, and considering 21 and Nudy are cousins, it only makes sense that he teamed up with the hitmaker for this banger. Nudy’s storytelling abilities have always been the thing that has drawn me into his music, but his uncanny ability to flow effortlessly over any beat at any tempo is what has kept me coming back. Whether you’re a fan of Young Nudy or not, you need to make a point to check out his brand-new song “Vice City” and the enthralling animated visual that accompanies it whenever you get the chance.