Vice City Views – [Taz]

Ottawa, Canada-based rapper Taz has released his new single, “Vice City Views.” The song is a feel-good anthem about the good life, and it’s sure to get you singing and vibing all summer long. Taz was inspired to write the song after a trip to Miami, where he saw firsthand the lavish lifestyle that he aspires to one day achieve. “I was invited to a yacht party, and it was like something out of a movie,” he says. “I saw all these beautiful people, driving fancy cars, and living the high life. It was amazing, and it made me realize that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.” The production is hard-hitting and complimented well by Taz’s clever wordplay. He raps about his dreams of success, and he does it in a way that’s both aspirational and relatable. “I want people to listen to this song and feel inspired,” Taz says. “I want them to know that they can achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem.”

Stream “Vice City Views” by Taz for yourself after the break.