Very Alone – [Zaia]

Zaia has featured three times over the past year and for good reason. Each release has been as eclectic and impressive as the last, showing his artistic vision and range.

Building off the great string of releases the Atlanta native puts it all together on his new project, Very Alone. Although the energetic, heavier moments like “ON GOD” or “DEMONS” are convincing–showing the more rap-friendly chops– I think Zaia best shined when he went the other direction and kept things a little more light and airy. Not only do the R&B/crooning-rooted efforts like “INNERSTATE” and “WONDER” have more atmosphere and (for lack of a better word) vibes, but they also really bring out the emotion in Zaia’s vocals which, next to the stellar production, ends up being a project highlight.

Standout Tracks: “INNERSTATE,” “VERY ALONE,” & “WONDER”