Vernon Davis expands his legacy beyond the gridiron in release of his new album “Showtime.”

I again found myself in such a unique position as a writer for Lyrical Lemonade, this time, covering a former NFL superstar, whom I grew up watching torch the middle of the field as one of the more recognizable tight ends of the 21st century. Now, I get to see him torch a microphone as he pursues further creative endeavors in art.

Teaming up with the talented instrumentalist Tone P, Vernon Davis, or should I say Vern, has crafted an 8-track project titled¬†Showtime, that further showcases his abilities and passion for music/art. It’s clear that his background in art, film, and entertainment in general has had a massive impact on the shaping of Vern’s identity, something that you rarely see from an athlete as high-caliber as he was.

“Showtime” is a mesmerizing blend of sports and music, a fusion that feels too rare in the industry. The album is a testament to his dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons, and for those who know anything about Vernon, it should be to no surprise that he’s finding joy and success.

The pre-released lead singles, “How I Play It,” “Bounce Like Dis,” and “Phone,” set the stage for what’s to come, as each song on the album adds a unique layer to the overall experience, making it a well-rounded project that’s hard to put down.

For someone like me who grew up watching and admiring Vernon’s football career, “Showtime” offers a unique listening experience. It’s a journey into the mind and talents of a multi-dimensional person, and it’s a journey worth taking. The sky truly is the limit for Vern in the entertainment world, and “Showtime” is a testament to that. He also has been recently cast in Hulu’s The Ritual Killer, further displaying both his craftsmanship and dedication. Who knows where Vern’s creativity will take him next? Stream “Showtime” below!