Ventures in Ventura – [MZA]

Seattle based producer MZA makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with an eclectic new instrumental album titled Ventures in Ventura. With eight songs total the Project FILO artist employs a mixture of pure instrumentals, one special feature and a few iconic samples such as the band Gorillaz. One of the standout tracks, “A.L.L.Y.” is a smoothly refined remix to London artist Hannah Rodríguez’s song “A Lover Like You.”  That track is brilliantly followed up with “Malibu – With Amor” to maintain the contemporary sound throughout, while the remainder of the album contains an experimentally chill aura. The project’s short and sweet length adds depth to each individual record while allowing its listeners to fully process the musicality behind each song. “Ventures in Ventura” is the perfect escapism album; its vibe mirrors a holiday cruise or a relaxing morning/evening stroll. With all-original creative direction, MZA has once more proven his reputation as a top-tier producer. Have a listen for yourself below!