Vendettas – [SuziWithAnUzi]

It seems like each and every week I am discovering new, talented Canadian artists beginning to make an impact that come from all corners of the country. Today we are introducing our audience to SuziWithAnUzi who just dropped a new single titled “Vendettas”. Being that this is only her third release, Suzi has already proven she is capable of creating music in a wide range of genres. This most recent single is a classic revenge story, where Suzi is making a public claim she is going to be doing nothing but shining on those that have done her wrong in her past. SuziWithAnUzi is one of the more creative acts coming out of the North, her sultry voice paints illustrious pictures with her lyrics. In the right state of mind, when your eyes are closed the visuals almost begin to create themselves as this smooth single plays out. The artist out of Edmonton is one of my favorite new acts to start making their mark on the industry, with every single proving further that Suzi is not playing around and is coming for the top. Keep an eye on SuziWithAnUzi, she will be releasing an EP later this year that is sure to get her on a lot of peoples’ radars around the world.

Listen to “Vendetta” on all platforms here!