Vegan Beef – [Lil Qwerty] ft. [Cj Francis IV] & [Melikxyz]

If we’re being honest, Arizona is obviously known as a hot spot, but not necessarily for rappers. Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago are all widely recognized for their respective contributions to the rap industry, but there’s an abundance of talent all around the country that can go unnoticed at times because there isn’t necessarily a solidified sound or style for that region specifically. This can lead to some of the best artists, however, because there’s no guidelines or sound that is set in stone for them to conform to, and they have as much freedom as they want to do their own thing and blaze their own trail.

Lil Qwerty is one of these artists who I had legitimately never heard of, but his most recent offering “Vegan Beef” kept popping up on my timeline over and over again. The name of the song intrigued me of course, but I was even more so curious about the rapper himself. After doing a bit of digging, I found out that he has been popping up here and there over the past few years, and he’s been working on solidifying a loyal following for quite some time at this point. While some artists spend years working on their music to just give up because they need to figure out a more viable option to make money and live a comfortable life, Qwerty believes in his sound and knows that he’s going to take off sooner or later, which is obviously very important when trying to make it in this industry.

As for “Vegan Beef”, he recruited fellow artists Cj Francis IV and Melikxyz, both of whom I was even less familiar with than Qwerty, but I was pretty impressed at the end of the day. Due to my unfamiliarity, however, I might accidentally mix up who is spitting which part, although I think I have an understanding by now. Anyways, the beat is comprised of digital, almost dial-up sounding noises to begin with, before pungent drums and more industrial percussion come in to play for an out of the box foundation. Melikxyz takes the hook on this track and puts it in an absolute stranglehold. His voice is deep and somewhat gritty, adding a murky and ominous vibe to this offering. His flow is consistent and catchy, as lighter, echoing ad-libs ring out in the background in a very interesting way. Qwerty comes in for the first verse, lazily speaking his words into the mic, showing off a very nonchalant and carefree demeanor. What’s impressive about this, on the other hand, is the fact that his words aren’t lazy in the slightest, and his flow is intricate as well as striking throughout its entire duration. Cj comes in for the second verse, and his sound is actually fairly similar to Qwerty’s, which is pretty high praise, to be honest. His voice is smooth, his cadence is engaging and consistent, and his calm disposition on this uncharacteristic instrumental makes me believe that he can sound comfortable no matter what beat is placed in front of him. As we move along throughout the track, topics like beef being so abundant that there’s enough for the vegans also, as well as other rappers not being a threat to them and intentionally trying to disrespect artists who try and look good online but actually have no true talent.

Considering how relatively undiscovered Lil Qwerty is at this point in his career, I was pretty blown away with just how crisp and clean every aspect of this song was. There was no muddiness in his vocals, the beat paired with his words flawlessly, and he really knew that Cj and Melikxyz would actually elevate the song exactly the way they did. I wish I could speculate exactly what the future holds for Qwerty, whether that’s new projects, singles, or music videos, but the honest truth is that I have absolutely no idea. All I know, in my own opinion, is that if he continues to make music as high quality and appealing as “Vegan Beef”, you’re going to be hearing a lot more about him and his music in the future.