Vanta – [Unusual Demont]

The Vanta music video was the first time I tried my hand at writing a music video. Nicole Blue took all my ideas, combined them with her own, and turned it into something amazing. We really wanted the video to match the electric energy of the song, so down to the angles of the shots you can really feel that. We also wanted to have a band element, so I got to bring in a bunch of homies (Kieran Watters, Ezra Waters, and Leon Zhang) to just wild out in a giant igloo dome and ride bikes. I’m really excited to share this video and I hope you can feel how fun it was to make” – Unusual Demont

Madison, Wisconsin native and LA based artist Unusual Demont returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his most experimental offering yet titled “Vanta.” The band support creates a unique soft-rock jam with Demont’s familiarly smooth R&B vocals to once more expand the depths of his artistry. In a way, frequent spiraling shown throughout the video reflects the artist’s ‘Unusual’ way of doing things, which enables him to effortlessly distance himself from any form of musical conformity. Visually “Vanta” primarily has darker hues, but the occasional neon-pink flashes bring the cinematic picture to life along with the natural blue skyscape. Lyrically Demont once more details romantic experiences which are passionately sung over the organic instrumentation and genre-bending production. “Vanta” may not be your immediate favorite after the first-listen, but it’s sure enough to slowly draw you in after the second and third after processing all of the vitreous sounds. Peep the official music video below!