Valentino – [24KGoldn]

In just two months, 24kGoldn’s “Valentino” has amassed over 350K streams on Soundcloud and it’s not hard to see why. An elegantly-ratchet, booming trap beat from Black Mayo, a hook that stays in your head, and a charismatic, unique emcee at the helm, “Valentino” has all the components of a sure-fire hit. Except for one. A video.
Until now…
All but ensuring “Valentino” becomes the cut the pushes him into the spotlight, 24kgoldn returns with a set of visuals directed by Edgar Esteves (who is behind many of Russ’ videos). Capturing a cut brimming with energy and bringing it to life is no small feat but Esteves does just that with some creative, unique shots that include a shrunken version as well as a mannequin-human hybrid version of the 18-year-old rapper.
From top to bottom “Valentino” is a standout effort, and will definitely help build buzz for goldn’s upcoming EP, Boutique.
Watch here