Valentina – [Serena Isioma]

Appearing on our pages several times in the past, Serena Isioma is an artist of soul, if not anything else. With every new release, she infuses undeniable character into her music, even blurring the lines of the artist-listener relationship by singing with a signature spice of eye-level personability. This inviting personality, mixed with smooth vocal talents and striking songwriting abilities to match, makes Isioma a clear act to watch, just as her decadent new single, “Valentina,” is sure to attest.

Detailing the allure of a love interest met only once, “Valentina” arrives with a sense of affectionate longing that refuses to go unnoticed. It’s love, but with a certain air of curiosity, and one that drives the visions of attraction that best characterize the subject of the song. This fervent emotion, supported by a foundation of glowing intimacy, soaks itself into every aspect of the release, all the way from the enchanting vocals to the relaxing roll of production. Isioma leaves it all on the table with “Valentina,” and the result is a dreamy offering that pushes her artistry in the purest, most refreshing way possible.

Stream the new single here:

Produced by C Medina
Co-mixed & Mastered by Serena Isioma & Frankie Scoca