Vacation- [Family Reunion] x [Tombo]

With the Midwest arctic weather in full effect, I think we could all use a vacation right about now which is why today I’m excited to bring to you the latest single from one of last year’s breakout artists known as Family Reunion! She continues to impress with her relatable songwriting skills and stepped it up a notch this time around by linking up with one of Milwaukee’s best up and coming artists, Tombo. While the two have collaborated before on “Flower”, according to a recent interview Jackie did with 93 ‘Til, we can expect to see a lot more executive producing from Tombo, which is great news because the way he brought “Vacation” to life is absolutely incredible. Be sure to follow both of them on SoundCloud to discover a Pandora’s Box of hits that can match whatever mood you’re in. Listen for yourself and press play on the latest from Family Reunion and Tombo below!