Us vs. Them – [Quavo] & [Takeoff] ft. [Gucci Mane]

It has now been a few months since initial rumors got out about Migos’ breakup, and even though they are one of the biggest super groups in the history of rap music, the official news has still been kept under wraps somehow. I mean, all three artists have still dropped music, with Offset doing his own thing while Quavo and Takeoff have consistently dropped records together, but there is no official word on what is actually going on.

Part of me hopes that this is just a PR stunt to gain attention before some massive announcement for the group as a unit but considering they haven’t spoken on it and my speculation seems unlikely, I feel like it’s just wishful thinking that’s ultimately going to let me down. All three emcees still have their membership in the collective in some of their social media bios from what I last saw, but I don’t know if this really tells us anything significant.

Nonetheless, I have loved every song that Quavo and Takeoff have released with one another, and their latest song “Us vs. Them” featuring Gucci Mane is definitely no exception. Over blood-pumping production courtesy of DJ Durel, Duce, Eza, and Money Muzik, each emcee takes their turn demonstrating why they’re three of the most gifted talents in music.

Takeoff remains calm, cool, and collected as he rifles through his one-of-a-kind deliveries prior to Quavo coming in and showcasing some flows that I have never heard from him before, but I certainly hope to witness more of in the future. Gucci is as smooth and easygoing as he ever has been, somewhat acting as a middleman between the two Migos’ contrasting enthusiasms. Keemotion even shot a sports-centric music video with the trio of hitmakers, so if you somehow missed out on this one since it dropped not too long ago, make sure you catch up as soon as you can before you miss the wave completely.