us – [Valee] & [AYOCHILLMANNN]

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with Chicago staple Valee at this point, I think you need to reevaluate your life and see where things went wrong. Although he might be an acquired taste for some, he just has this way about himself that is just so likable and nonchalant, and this comes off as if he’s almost mocking the rest of the music world. His humble brags and subtle flexes just roll off of his tongue naturally without any sort of excitement, typically, and while the majority of his music might be kept fairly minimalistic, he is just making music by his own rules and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Most recently, he decided to show off his skills once more on his song “us” which is a collaboration with producer AYOCHILLMANNN, and although I wasn’t familiar with this hitmaker very much in the past, I was beyond excited to hear what he cooked up for the Chicago emcee. As it begins, there are these very strange yet appealing and almost futuristic synths that create the bulk of the melody before crisp hats and palpitating drums enter into the beat to bring things together. When these extra elements do come into play, they almost start out too quick for Valee, or Valee is just too easygoing to care, and it takes a bit of time before things find their harmony and begin to work together.

Even before Valee catches up to the rhythm, though, his confidence and swagger are just captivating, and it doesn’t seem like there was any sort of issue or disturbance when it comes to his flow, much like some of the emcees in Michigan like to popularize as well. With this song being just shy of three minutes long, it seems to be one of Valee’s more lengthy offerings in recent memory, and that just gives him more time to talk his shit and show off his one-of-a-kind skills for fans once again. I’ll never not root for Valee, and “us” is just another example as to why I find him so compelling, so make sure to peep his latest song with AYOCHILLMANNN as soon as you get the chance.