ur soggy – [DAISY WORLD]

You might be familiar with Los Angeles based artist, DAISY WORLD, for her feature on Tyler, The Creator’s “Rise!” back in 2021, or perhaps her work as the face of the punk-r&b band, DAISY, but what you really need to get hip to are the originals that she’s dropping under her own artist project. Finding her sonic home somewhere between r&b and indie-pop, DAISY WORLD takes a quirky and creative approach to what she’s building and it seeps through in her music, visuals, and even her hand-painted merch. An artist who deserves all the flowers in the world (pun-intended), DAISY WORLD is a true artist in every sense of the word and to see her finding consistency within the release circle over the past few months has been nothing short of exciting.

Released today, DAISY WORLD’s “ur soggy” is the quintessential nostalgic blend of alternative r&b and indie-pop that feels like a necessity for the sunny August days that are upon us. Despite a relatively blue message about a played out relationship that seems to be coming to an end, there’s also a sense of empowerment that comes with this breaking point and you can tell by DAISY WORLD’s willingness to let go. Describing a relationship that’s had its time, “ur soggy” feels like the perfect way of expressing exactly how one may feel about a partner as a romance loses its kindred spirit. Encompassing DAISY’s airy vocals and a psychedelic sounding instrumental with a relatively relaxed live drum pattern, spacey synth keys, and electric guitar, DAISY WORLD curated a vibe about this one that takes you into her mind in a very introspective and thoughtful manner. A memorable hook and effortless verses written from her P.O.V., DAISY WORLD flows overtop of the production in a natural way that only she can and it paid off as she delivered a flavorful tune that will certainly find a steady place in my rotation for the weeks and months ahead.

Be sure to check out “ur soggy” below!