.Up! For Dayz [Reno Shakur]

.UP! For Dayz” is my breakthrough EP. I started working on this project during a stage of depression and writers block. At this point in my life a lot of reality started striking me all at once and I was upset. I started this project and made several songs and ended up not going with most of them. I took a break and came back in a much better head space and that was when things started to align better. I probably only had one song I was for sure using at that point. Once I got all the songs done for the tape I just sat back and analyzed them for months and perfected them until I knew it was time for their release. I came up with the name “.UP! For Dayz” because of two reasons: My passion and dedication to my craft leads me to stay up for long periods of time without rest, just as I was up for hours creating this project. But also, the term, “Up for days” represents my future success. The fact that I know that one day I’ll be somewhere high in the rap industry. Also, cleverly at the beginning of the intro you hear an airplane taking off, which leads into the first song titled, “.Get By” where I’m talking about smoking weed and getting high, which was a fun play on imagery to introduce you to the project” –  Reno Shakur

Atlanta, Georgia artist Reno Shakur returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his new EP titled .Up! For Dayz. With familiar production from AyoNicky and Marcusonthebeat, Shakur showcases his complete rap arsenal via delivery of his polished work yet. Not counting the intro, the project contains three tracks; “.Get By,” “.Memoirs,” and “.Dominoes.” Sonically there’s an even mixture of bangers and more vulnerable tracks to reflect the pendulum spectrum of Reno’s mental state. Speaking of bangers, fellow Project FILO member Supreme Sol absolutely annihilated his verse on “.Dominoes” to strengthen the case for a much-needed collaborative project between the pair. Reno has several standout moments, but his second verse on “.Memoirs” is undoubtedly my favorite. Overall, the brevity of the EP provides plenty of replay value, and the sheer quality creates an immediate listening desire for more music. If .Up! For Dayz is truly Reno’s breakthrough release, I can’t wait for the day to hear his full-length debut studio album. Peep the EP below!