Untreated Trauma – [Mozzy]

Sacramento’s own, Mozzy, blessed listeners last night with release of his most anticipated studio project to date, with Untreated Trauma. The rising West Coast superstar has already compiled an impressive discography, but for those still asleep, Mozzy made sure to bring the smelling salts with Untreated Trauma. 

After a meteoric rise with successful albums in 2015, 2016, and 2017, work such as 1 Up Top Ahk propelled his stardom. He further rode his momentum into genius work such as Beyond Bulletproof (18th on the Billboard Rap Chart), leaving long-time-listeners and new fans elated with what they’d heard, and just as anxious to hear more.

Featuring artists like YFN Lucci, EST Gee, and Kalan.Frfr, Untreated Trauma is an album of realness and transparency, with Mozzy storytelling times of struggle, and manifesting future successes through his consistent work and his strategic mindset. The album is a quick listen, with a 10-song tracklist that only has a duration of just over 27 minutes. However, in that short time, he manages to captivate and maintain the listener’s attention with glimpses into the perspective and personality of this Sacramento star.

Mozzy’s distinctive voice and creative delivery offer work only some of the best of the West’s can claim, and with tracks ranging from slow-flows in “Straight to the 4th,” and “Let You Know ft. [YFN Lucci],” to raw heat like, “Tycoon,” and “Reeboks ft. [E MOZZY].”

Mozzy goes undefeated while his trauma goes untreated, in his latest masterpiece Untreated Trauma. Stream it below!