Unique- [Warhol.ss] [Valee] & [Plu2o Nash]

Out of all the various talents coming out of Chicago, there are always a few names that somehow manage to stick out to me time and time again. These artists are people who I just have to pay attention to so I tune in whenever they drop new content, because I know it’s going to be different than anything else in the industry. Some of these artists include Warhol.ss, Valee, and the super-producer Plu2o Nash. All three of these talents have been grinding for some time now and have made their way into the spotlight in their own respective ways. Warhol.ss’ gritty, eccentric persona gained him local recognition which eventually caught on like wildfire and led him to connect with some larger names in the industry, boosting his career like crazy. Valee’s absolutely uncharacteristic and out of the box flow mixed with his toned-down personality and minimalism made it obvious why he caught the attention of Rap fans all over. Finally, Plu2o Nash was creating the sound of the underground as a whole for years, working most notably with Lucki, but also getting placements for all sorts of artists, making him a staple in the Rap world.

It’s not every day that these artists drop something, so when I saw that they actually teamed up on a track called “Unique”, I knew I was in for quite a treat. The title fits the song ever so well also, considering none of these talents sound anything like anyone else in music, and this track is a perfect example as to why. Plu2o creates a very minimalistic yet appealing beat that’s more so along the lines of what I’d imagine Valee on, but not necessarily Warhol.ss. Rapid-fire hats, a mysterious background melody, and speaker busting drums all come together to form this simple but effective instrumental that the rappers just tear apart with their words. As Valee raps the hook, to begin with, his voice seems calm yet slightly hostile as he playfully rhymes a few words at a time. Nothing about this flow seems wild or crazy, but it’s so innovative and different when comparing it to anything else you hear in Hip-Hop.

As he goes into his verse, he plays along with the beat incredibly as he says a quick line and pauses, letting the rapid percussion ensue, making it sound almost like the drums at the end of a punch line in a joke. Warhol.ss comes in out of nowhere as if he almost interrupts Valee, but rather takes the baton from his counterpart and runs with it. His voice is hoarse and raspy, sounding like he’s slightly whispering as he delivers his bars in a similar cadence as Valee. Despite the quietness of his speech, there’s still obvious overtones of assault and intimidation in his words, making them sound almost threatening even when he’s boasting about his designer clothes and expensive cars. Both artists use some really incredible wordplay to help visualize some of the topics they discuss such as performing at concerts or going out to lunch with their gun, doing donuts in a fancy car, making so much money they’re in a new tax bracket, and traveling all over the world whenever they want.

Although I wasn’t entirely sure how these talents would pair together due to the fact that Valee is typically more relaxed while Warhol.ss is a bit of a wild card, they really paired together nicely and actually elevated each other on this track, in my opinion. Getting Plu2o to create the instrumental was a fantastic call because I’m not sure anyone else would be able to provide them with such a perfect beat for both of them to shine on without favoring one style over the other. I’m not totally shocked that this was a great song just because I know just how talented each artist on here is, but I just don’t know if I expected to thoroughly enjoy it as much as I actually did.  See three off the most talented and out of the box artists come together for a wonderful collaborative effort on their brand-new song entitled “Unique”.

Additional production from Loudly Luna