Unemployed – [Tierra Whack]

Tierra Whack releases a new visual for her #WhackHistoryMonth single, “Unemployed.” In true Tierra Whack fashion, the new video continues to blur the lines between animation and the real world. This time finding Whack as a lethal Chef with a variety of abilities at her disposal.

The video opens on Whack cutting potatoes until eventually halting her process to rap directly to the camera. A mountain of potatoes stacked next to the Philly-rapper help echoes the theme of the song which focuses around the conquering of the once perceived impossible. The video plays with the reality in which the video takes place as Whack shares devious looks to a brought-to-life potato who is viewing her sinister decomposition of fellow potatoes. The comedic and visually captivating new video furthers our infatuation with Tierra Whack and her elite ability as a rapper and artist.

This is Tierra Whack’s first video accompaniment to her sporadic release of singles over the past month. The latest single, “Unemployed” follows in the footsteps of previously released “Wasteland” and “Gloria.” The new music video has us crossing our fingers for the chance to see some of Whack’s other singles to be given the visual treatment. Check out Tierra Whack’s new video for “Unemployed” below and make sure to show her your support by following her on Twitter and Instagram.