The Most Underrated Chicago Artist: Bandman Kevo

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Although Bandman Kevo has expanded his horizon beyond his homeland, Chicago — he is very much so underrated.  With hits like Baller in Me, Who is Dat, Foreign, etc., you would expect Bandman to be globally-known, unfortunately that is not the case – yet.  The following that Kevo has behind him is very loyal; it is just a matter of time before that fan base of his inflates to a whole other level.

So, you can take this article as an introduction to Bandman Kevo for anyone who is unfamiliar, and to our knowledge there are too many that are unfamiliar.  We have followed Kevo’s music for some time now, and he has definitely progressed since we became a fan; with features under his belt such as King Louie, Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, etc., you can not really tell this man anything.  The money is being reeled in for this young talent, the fans are building, and the fame is just beginning.  At this point, it all comes down to Bandman’s work ethic and drive, determining whether he truly blows up or not, does he have it? We think so.  Watch Kevo’s hit “Baller In Me” below.