YGM Phat, hailing from West Point, Mississippi, is determined to be the first from his city to make it. His album UNDERESTIMATED,  which just released today, sends that message clearly.

Aggressive, raw, and real, Phat doesn’t hold back – going in with conviction on all 12 tracks of this cohesive project. I can get a sense of the effort from top to bottom, and it’s evident just how much this release meant to him.

One thing I found as I listened through, was the versatility. Phat doesn’t necessarily change his sound or delivery all that much, but his ability to adapt that delivery over several different styles of beat is what stands out. He gives listeners options, a variety of tracks to select from, many with a different feel from the last.

Tracks that stood out to me:

  • Nun Generic
  • Change
  • We Know

Tune into UNDERESTIMATED, as YGM Phat looks to continue elevating his name, via Spotify below!