Uh Uh (Hit Em with The) – [Trippie Redd]

It’s crazy to think just how much the music industry has changed in just the past decade. It went from some massive-scale business that only a lucky few were able to enter to one of the most accessible things to try and get your start in. This is because anyone who had access to things like Garage Band, a cell phone microphone, or even YouTube to get beats from was able to show off their abilities, and while this created a massive boom in new artists, it also flooded the industry with copycats, replicas, and clones that probably didn’t deserve some of the credit that they received because none of their creations were actually original.

The same goes for music video directors and creators because once they had access to any of the various editing software that came into existence, it was just too easy to try and put together visuals. While the vast majority of the music business currently is overtaken by replicas, artists like Trippie Redd and directors like DotComNirvan have blazed their own trails and have shown that they’re trendsetters and innovators. Trippie has his own individualistic sound and personality, obviously, and Nirvan has proven his worth by working with some of the most exciting up-and-coming talents while showcasing his irreplicable editing style, making it a seamless and obvious reason why these two teamed up to shoot a music video once again, this time for Trippie’s cut “Uh Uh (Hit Em with The)”.

Nirvan does what he seems to do best, which is taking relatively basic scenes and making them out of this world thanks to various lighting techniques, animations, and intriguing edits that make this visual turn into anything but ordinary. At the same time, all Trippie has to do is be himself and he’s more than captivating enough to take things to the next level. I truly believe that DotComNirvan is going to do even bigger things throughout 2022, and so is Trippie obviously, so tap in with their latest collaboration for “Uh Uh (Hit Em with The)” below as we prepare for even more magic in the future.