U Played- [Moneybagg Yo] ft. [Lil Baby]

Moneybagg Yo has been popping up all over the place in terms of his own music as well as guest spots left and right. Similarly, Lil Baby had arguably one of the best years in music last year, so 2020 is sure to reinforce his already extremely solid foundation.

With both of these superstars putting out hit after hit, it only made sense that they teamed up for another one, this time in the form of “U Played”. Sure, it might not be lyrically insane or an introspective look for the two emcees, but it’s a banger in every sense of the word. Tay Keith can take a lot of the credit for this one because he is notorious for making heavy hitters day in and day out, and the hard-hitting, piercing bass in this track brings it to a whole new level. Moneybagg Yo does the honor of rapping both the hook and the first verse, and the effortless delivery he has makes it obvious how he simply belongs on a song like this. Lil Baby has the second verse, and his trademark style of rapping while holding certain words to accentuate the autotune on his voice is as respectable as ever. Although his verse disappointed me with how short it was, it still packed a punch and he was able to make his mark on the song.

With this being the first drop from either of the rappers in this new year, I know they’re planning on taking over not only the rap industry but the music industry as a whole. Moneybagg Yo has such a clean delivery, and Lil Baby can do no wrong whatsoever, so expect to see both of their names topping charts all year long. Peep “U Played” for now, but knowing both of their work ethics, I’m sure neither artist is going to make fans wait very long for new music.

Words by Danny Adams