U.G.K – [Lucki] & [F1LTHY]

Chicago’s very own Lucki has always been an artist who plays by his own rules, does his own thing, and creates whatever style of music that he thinks sounds good. Clearly, he has quite the ear for what sounds right, because he has constantly amassed a loyal and always growing cult following that is nothing short of dedicated, and I think that this more than anything has helped him grow his career.

Although he has connections with mainstream artists and other pop culture figures, he has always seemed comfortable in the underground music scene, and he doesn’t really feel the urge to break out to wider audiences because not only is his following still massive, but he knows his sound isn’t something that is necessarily going to appeal to a more basic crowd, and that’s not what he wants in the first place. Just last week, Lucki teamed up with F1LTHY once again to release their collaborative project WAKE UP LUCKI, and even though it is an instant classic in my mind, it left me wanting more.

Luckily, my desire was pleased to find out that. They teamed up with Lonewolf yet again to shoot a miniature movie for their song “U.G.K”, and I couldn’t have been more excited about that if my life depended on it. This visual is definitely much more cinematic than we’re used to getting from Lucki and Lonewolf considering their other work seems to be more run and gun and simplistic, even though this one still contains some of Lonewolf’s trademark edits that always bring things to new heights.

While grand drone shots are used throughout, Lucki seems to wake up in a bed inside of a film studio, but his energy is at an all-time high despite his recent rise from slumber, and he seems to daydream about flying around town in a luxurious car, even though this is an everyday reality for him. I couldn’t be more of a Lucki fan if I tried, and his work with F1LTHY is always absolutely unbelievable, making the music video for “U.G.K” an amazing addition to the legacy that WAKE UP LUCKI is going to provide for the Chicago legend’s already storied and impressive career.